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I just read Seth Meranda's blog post and it got me to thinking that there are prob quite a few higher ed people that could follow each other on there.

So what is your twitter name?

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So yeah... I changed my user name about a month ago... might as well update it here.
Okay, I'm a total tool.
I just had my boss send me an article and ask me if I had heard of twitter
Please say it wasn't related to emergency notifications...
Haha!!! that's awesome Matt!

Patrick - tell us what you really think about using Twitter for emergencies.. :)
It's not just a bad idea, it should be illegal! ;-) I love twitter, don't get me wrong. It's just not a good tool for that job.
I'd agree with you. I wonder what % actually have messages sent as a text to their phone. I don't think I'd ever enable that feature.
I am curious though. It doesn't seem that bad to me... So long as it is not the universities primary method of delivering information, I don't see why schools cannot use it. Something my university is facing (as is just about every other school in the nation) is a budget issue. If a school does not already have something in place and must wait till the next fiscal year, why not utilize twitter? I read the other day that only 6 out of 10 students had signed up for text alerts at VT. I wish I had info on the success of Twitter for that purpose, but unfortunately I don't. I'm not necessarily saying I am for it (definitely not as a stand alone system), but as a backup or temporary service, why not?
It seems to me that having the kids sign up for Twitter is just another barrier to communication. While I am typically an advocate for universities using services rather than reinventing the wheel, Twitter has yet to prove its stability to me. What if there is an emergency and Twitter says "Whoops, something went wrong."

Twitter should NEVER be the primary method of disseminating this type of information, and I'm not totally convinced it should be a secondary option either.

Come to think of it, I don't believe I have ever seen a high school student or college student on Twitter except for @rdfrench's class.
I'm giving in as well...

I have never signed up b/c like others, I didn't see the usefulness, but in the spirit of being a lemming I am willing to give it a try.

Ok, count me in. I signed up for a Twitter account a while ago to check it out, but didn't have anybody to follow so it was pretty pointless. If I have some web geek types to follow, spiffy!

- Kris



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