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Is anyone else out there using Facebook Pages for their institution? I set one up for Wofford the day it was announced back in October I think.
I don't even know how to explain it. Starting the beginning of this year I had a student worker go and invite all her friends to join and it went viral or something! We went for about 40 people who had stumbled upon it through the new year to 260 fans today and a steady growth every day! I'm not really sure exactly how we are going to use this yet, but I'm curious if anyone else is doing this or something similar and how they are using it.


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Hey Kyle,

There is a pretty decent--but probably not comprehensive--list of universities that are using "social sites" as part of their overall presence on the Web at . Check out: . Wofford doesn't appear to be listed right now, so I'd encourage you to add it to the mix.


Thanks! I just submitted our pages to the list. That's a great resource. I didn't even know eduStyles had a section for that?
Hi Jake,
Do you happen to know current and comprehensive is the list of Universtites using social media?
We just published our page last week. I haven't checked to see if we have any fans yet, but our admissions team set up the page to create a place for newly admitted students to interact with each other. Our goal was to get the students talking to each other and our admissions staff as much as possible so we didn't lose them from the time they were accepted to the time they needed to pay their registration fee. Since most med schools send out acceptance letters around the same time, students may have multiple options. We want them to choose us, so we hope to engage them on Facebook and remain their first choice. We will see how that goes.
How do you get the prospective students talking to one another? I've posted some ice breaker questions and a few students have posted replies to them, but then the conversation ended. Any ideas?
Yes, I created one for the State University of New York at New Paltz in early November. We have 236 fans as of this morning.

I did the same thing -- had a student worker go in and share with all her friends, and I did as well and it's just spread like wildfires. We have a solid mix of recent alumni and current students, but in the last month I've noticed a huge spike in prospective & recently accepted students that have joined & are posting on our wall like crazy. Luckily I got someone on board in the Admissions office to help me out in responding to all the wall post inquiries. My student worker continues to add photo albums, events, posted items, New Paltz Facebook Groups, etc.
What's the support level those of you using Facebook are planning? Do you have students or someone dedicated to keep up the page, answering questions, etc? Or are you more inclined to just set it up and let it do what it will do organically, without much guidance?
One staff member from our Office of Undergraduate Admission, a student assistant in my office and I go into the Facebook page at least once every day to monitor content and respond to inquiries. Many of the students we find are helping each other, and if they are doing a good job, we don't tend to further respond, but some times we thank them and provide additional or corrected info. So, I think it's good to have a mix of dedicated professionals looking at the page daily, but also letting some things happen organically.
I have been tinkering with the Facebook page a little the last few days and added a couple of features, pulled in the schools news RSS feed and added a few videos. We dont really have anyone doing wall posts. Right now I want to more or less set it up as a place to feed and direct people to our other resources like RSS, Blogs, Videos, and E-Mail signups. If at some point it becomes necessary we have the 270+ people to do something with, but I don't really plan on doing a lot with it.
Did you build a Facebook application to pull in your news feed, or did you do it some other way?
I couldn't get the one RSS feed Facebook app called Feedheads to work on my Page. Has anyone else had luck implementing this or have you found another pre-written Facebook app to display RSS feeds?
I use a Facebook app called Simply RSS on my profile to pull in the RSS from my blog. I've had no problems with it.



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