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Advice? Moving From Decentralized to Centralized Workflow Review

My institution is moving from a very decentralized Web presence where little is reviewed before it is published to the public website to instituting a centralized review of most content before it is published to our live site.

My institution is a small (approximately 2,000 students) and we've ramped up staff to support a centralized workflow review model and to assist academic and administrative departments with content writing, site updates, etc.

A couple of us come from previous institutions where we implemented a centralized CMS workflow review and we experienced much improved site quality. We had very few complaints about the changeover from everyone having their finger on the publish button to content needing review.


  • I'm curious if you received any push back from faculty or staff at your institution when moving from a decentralized model to a centralized model. How did you handle it?
  • What is your typical turn-around time from when you receive a page for review until it is published?
  • How do you handle pages submitted for review after normal business hours? What is your turn-around time?
  • How do you handle pages submitted during college holidays or breaks? What is your turn-around time?

I'm envisioning a Help Desk model for content review where a Web content person is assigned to review pages submitted through workflow. So one staff person might have mornings and another afternoons (or X person on Monday and Y person on Tuesdays, etc.)



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