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Hi All -


Have any of you looked at or are using CampusEAI, myCampus, for your student portal?  If so, would you mind discussing it?  Some specifics on our institution:


ERP - Homegrown


Email - Exchange

Active Directory



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Greg, Curry College has been using this software with geat success. We have tied all our student applications and most of our administrativge applications into it for single sign-on, including Exchange, G-Mail, Printer Manager, Blackboard, and our administrative system. Though we have it tied to LDAP, it can be linked to Active Directory as well. We find that the targetted messaging allows us to better communicate with our users (Students, Faculty, Alumni, etc.), as they can choose the method of delivery - raning from viewing on the portal, to e-mail or even having them delivered by text message to their cell or smart phones. We have also found that the ease with which end user departments can add/manage content has helped to make the portal a very up-to-date resource. There are many other features, and if you'd like to speak about it, or have a demo, I'd be happy to do either. Dennis Thibeault, CIO, Curry College

We went live with CampusEAI's myCampus solution on July 22 2010. Thus far we have been pleased with the service and support we have attained. We are running Banner, Angel, Exchange & GMAIL, and Active Directory. There are several other systems we have SSO capabilities with. The implementation time-frame and costs associated with this product were ideal for our campus. In a few weeks were able to have a test system up and running and within a little over a month we were fundamentally ready for production. If you would like to discuss this further give me a shout.

Andrew Martin
Enterprise Architect / Project Manager
Georgian College has also enjoyed the fruits of a successful implementation. We went from kickoff to go-live in a month with Banner (Student and Finance), Peoplesoft HR, Blackboard, Exchange and numerous other single sign-on applications built on AD working out of the box. Access is driven by roles, which are tied to AD groups and are provisioned from our ERP systems.

Another key benefit is the collaboration that exists between member institutions. Freely, we share code, we share best practices, and we share ideas. Please feel free to Email me if you would like to discuss further.

Grant Strasser,
Manager, Business Systems
Georgian College
Hi Grant - It sounds like you might be doing custom development. Do mind sharing your email so we can discuss in a little more detail? Or please send your contact information to

Central Wyoming College is using myCampus and has been using it for 2 years now. While it had some early bugs, the upgrades are definitely better and the system is stable and I'm satisfied with it.

Single Sign On was our main driving force, and it works quite well. The main SSO area that we are experiencing issues with now, is just SmarThinking, as they have an out of date code piece for that. I'm working with them to get that updated to include the new fields though.

ERP - Datatel
LMS - Angel
Email - Exchange
Active Directory

Additionally, we are in the process of adding their Password management suite. We believe this will be a great addition. You can also build your own SSO pieces for many apps. For instance, we have one for our Alert system.

Hope this helps,
Arkansas State Unviersity has been running the MyCampus Portal since March of 2010. Overall, our users have been very pleased. We have tied Active Directory, Exchange, G-Mail, Blackboard, EpicLMS, Banner, and lot of custom built and third-party applications/services into the portal.

With this portal, the most important benefits to me include: 1) Increase of end-users satisfaction with the portal, 2) Reduced direct cost for software and hardware, 3) Reduced technical administration overhead. Feel free to email me for further discussion.

Todd Reed
AD for Web Services
Arkansas State University
Brookdale Community College is using CampusEAI. We are about to go offically live on 10/4 for our students (16000).
ERP = Datatel
Email - Outlook and Gmail
Library - Innovative
LMS = Angel
Please feel to contact me if you would like to discuss this further
Could anyone who uses CampusEAI provide a screenshot or two of the portal homepage, or some of the integrated features, such as Google Apps / Gmail?

We do not use Google Apps though.
Thanks so much, Paul! How do you like using myCampus? So far so good?
We are very pleased with them. We've been using myCampus for almost 1 1/2 years now. At first we used their Oracle portal solution but moved to this one the following semester.

Pros... Easy for us to assign areas that Staff can update. Faculty can create their own pages under their profile.

This semester we activated the Meebo chat function. While it isn't perfect, our faculty seems to like it for chatting with their students in an office hours type setting.

Good level of support.

Cons... Recently it seems like they have gone more away from a consortium to a company looking to make money on the backs of colleges that build products for them. I realize they need to make money, but they recently irked me with wanting to charge us to update their Smarthinking portlet to match the new Smarthinking specifications for Single Sign On.

Hosted only solution. I personally like to have my services local. Especially something as high profile as our student portal. There are some internal reasons for this, but overall, it lets us experiment if we choose with other web products. I'm a programmer/engineer by trade so I like to tinker... that's anothe reason I'd prefer if we could host it ourselves. Additionally, we could offer some solutions that we cannot currently implement due to our attorneys and auditors. (Ie. we cannot display student grades/schedules, etc. in the portal via a portlet because it would involve storing that information on the servers at their farm, something that our auditors don't like.

For the most part, it is easy for me to show somebody how to customize their own pages on the portal and let them go at it without my involvement. Always a nice benefit.

Hi Paul,

I need to refute your claim of a hosted only solution. Our implementation of myCampus is on-site and has been since we went live 20 months ago. Like you, we came from their Oracle solution which we also hosted on-site. This was an option we chose during the requirements phase of the project, and it continues to be an option to all and an organization-specific choice.

We are knowledgeable and trained on the product. We have deployed and/or are developing a number of high profile portlets locally, which we intend to share with the consortium. The list includes event registration, Physical Resources Workorder, resource booking, and co-curricular transcript built on communities which will integrate with student's E-portfolios.

Rather than moving away from non-profit, they have increased the number of working groups, and are promoting opportunities for collaborative development.

Perhaps you should contact your account manager about amending your grant to in-source your portal? The more members that are doing development the greater value proposition there is to being a member!



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