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Keeping the video ball rolling, but changing gears. Are you streaming video currently (graduation, sports, student television, etc)? Is it done regularly, or only for special events? What format are you using? Are you using the Flash Media Server, or something else? Dedicated hardware server, appliance, or VM? Multicasting? Multiple stream qualities? Archiving? How have you handled the bandwidth? Let's get talking and comparing.

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we currently only stream special events. There is a lot of debate over what to use for this year's. Last year we streamed 3 days worth of presentation using Ustream. It was our first attempt. I'm the only one that handles this but everyone has an opinion on how it should be done. This year they (higher up) want to do Web-Ex for each presentation over streaming it with Ustream.
Web-Ex seems like a strange choice for video streaming. Not really the right tool for the job, you know what I mean?
We have do a short daily stream and then also special events (plus one or two week-long events throughout the academic year). We use FME and use a third-party to stream and carry our bandwidth. We archive most of these via iTunes U.
As with probably most universities, at UCLA it's just a mix of everything.

UCLA's BruinCast ( for undergraduate courses is moving to Silverlight.

Ustream has also been used at UCLA as well as Flash Media Server. As a note, prices for Flash Media Server have come down dramatically from a few years ago to way more affordable costs.

Brightcove ( seems to be doing some really interesting things right now and is used by major companies such as Time and People. "They’re a video platform – giving websites the tools they need to host and stream video, for a fee ranging from $100/month to “six figures per year” for the largest customers." I'd definitely be interested in hearing anyone who has used them...
Is anyone outsourcing the management of streaming live events, particularly commencement, to a firm that specializes in this? We're considering our first live streaming, and we want to do all we can to ensure it goes off without a hitch -- including superior tech support for all viewers during the event.

If you've had success with the outsourcing model -- particularly if you know a firm in the Portland, Oregon area -- I'd love to know. Thanks!

We have looked at several companies to outsource a live stream and capture a DVD of commencement at the same time but it keeps coming back to cost. We have the technlogy to stream live via our flash media server but our IT dept is concerned about bandwidth so we have not done it yet. That Brightcove company looks interesting, especially because they would have to ensure the right delivery method for different devices.

In the absence of a formal Univeristy-wide solution a number of groups have done their own thing like YouTube and Vimeo.

For those Universities who have a streaming video solution, has this replaced using external alternative solutions?

Live streaming is rare, and when  it is done it is a one-off event.

We currently use a product called Kaltura Video and Flash Media Server.  They each serve a purpose.  

Kaltura is used by staff for embedding video into their classroom Wordpress blogs.  Kaltura is open source as well as a paid service.  They offer customizable players and lots of features to track views and monetize your videos.  We chose Kaltura because it was open source and integrated with WordPress, BuddyPress, and Moodle.  One the best features of Kaltura is their online video editor.  We also like the webcam recording for making quick messages.


We use Flash Media server for live streaming and playback of Board Meetings and other long events.


Another product we use that is integrated with wordpress and moodle is called BigBlueButton and it is similar to webex and used by staff and students for quick video conferences.  Very soon they will offer the ability to record meetings.


Here is an example of the Kaltura Player with an edit button so you can see the editor:

On the same page linked above you will see a Web Conference Rooms login widget on the right.  You can put whatever name you want and login with the password "school".  


Here are some flash streaming server videos:

We've been using Watershed (paid Ustream) since this past September to stream special events and nearly all home sports games. We run a camera or video switcher into a laptop via firewire, encode with Adobe Live Media Encoder and send it off to Watershed. Viewers access the streams through

It got us off the ground, but I'm not that thrilled with it. The documentation and support is almost non-existent and there doesn't seem to be much control over image quality, especially for recorded events. In the process of looking for other providers, or hosting Flash server on the cloud. I'd love to broadcast in HD, but we'd have to swap out all the cameras and equipment in our broadcast truck.



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