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My name is Mark Greenfield and I am the owner and manager of the uwebd social network on Ning.

Ning has recently increased their prices substantially and I need to make a decision about the future of this site.  I have not actively managed or promoted this site for the past several years, other than approving new members and monitoring content. I am willing to put the time and effort into revitalizing and improving this site if there is sufficient interest in the community. 

Please use the comments section on the post to share your thoughts.  I will need to make a decision soon. The price increase for Ning goes into effect October 1.

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I find Slack to be unwieldy for community and would much prefer a Facebook group if you decided to move away from Ning.


Thanks to you for creating a place for university web developers. This forum has been a source of awesome information and general support as I've navigated through higher education. Like others, I have tapered off using Ning in favor of other platforms.

I'd be down with moving to Slack or maybe a Facebook group? Twitter just doesn't seem like a good fit.

And thanks OmniUpdate for the sponsorship and super sweet mug. I still have mine.


It is possible to do BOTH Slack and Facebook (they talk to each other) although I'd have to bone up on how the automatic cross linking works. Surely someone on this list knows the particulars? :-)

It is going to be hard to find one communication solution that works for everyone. Maybe something like Discourse or Buddypress for longer posts, and Twitter or Slack for more rapid, brief messages (e.g., link sharing)? Twitter has the advantage of most people already being signed up and familiar with the interface.

UWEBD is a site I come to ever so often but would hate for it to go away because it is a great place to meet and get input from other university web developers. Maybe move to a cheaper platform, Facebook group or LinkedIn group would be my choices. Thanks for keeping this site running Mark.

There is already a Slack group that was created back in May so that is something that folks could transition to now if they'd like ( I find Slack quite useful and, as others have said, am on there already with other groups.

If folks prefer a Facebook Group that works for me as well. But I agree, definitely shouldn't have to put out money for something that we can organize for free.

Thanks for all you've been doing with this Mark!

If you decide to leave Ning, please consider as an additional place to have this discussion group at no cost, the GROUPS.IO discussion group network which is free and of a very high quality. It also provides a wiki to those who have discussion groups there.  If the group is made to be a public group, the archives will be indexed by Google as GROUPS.IO.  The owner, Mark Fletcher is very actively involved with owners and moderators and uses two discussion groups for problem solving and system enhancements and improvements discussions.  This is a very amazing service.

Please feel free to contact me is you have questions or wish to discuss this option. I have several groups

on this discussion group network.  You can also consider adding GROUPS.IO as an additional backup archive

even if you keep Ning.

David Dillard
Temple University
(215) 204 - 4584


I agree that the paid Ning site may have outlived its usefulness in light of other group media apps. Like many have stated, Slack and FaceBook / LinkedIn groups. are good options. Slack may not have as much adoption as FB or LI yet.

Consider polling the the Ning UWEBD members for which platform they would prefer moving forward.

Thanks for all you do and have done.


OK, I give up. I am at Texas A&M, and is not listed among those allowed to create userids. Can someone either (1) add TAMU.EDU or (2) send me an invitation to uwebd slack? (



Is this for the Slack? If so, you need to email to have your edu domain added.

Ah. Thank you. I've just sent a request to have TAMU.EDU added to the list.

Regardless of where this goes, Mark, thanks for setting it up and running it all these years!

I primarily enjoy the email myself, using the Ning site as a way to do deeper research or follow up on conversations revealed through email. Yes, I'm a dinosaur....  Mostly I lurk, but occasionally join in where it might help us, or I might be able to provide value. I like having this group. It provides comfort, as well as a place to share and learn.  The Ning site is secondary, but I would prefer a collaborative space that is not buried within another activity area. e.g. Facebook would be a mistake.  




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