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Types of Full-time University Web-related Jobs (a very informal poll)

I am trying to get an idea of the quantity and different types full-time, web-related positions at other higher-ed institutions.  Please let me know the types (titles) and the number of FT web staff at your university or college.  

Positions include but are not limited to:
  1. Web Developer
  2. Web Designer
  3. UI Architect / Designer
  4. Search Marketing (SEO / SEM)
  5. Social Media Marketing 
  6. Anything else specific to the web
Asst. Dir., Web Services

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Page 15 of Tony Dunn's 2009 HighEdWeb presentation has come the closest I've seen for identifying roles. Perhaps his source (cited thereon) might point you closer to an answer.

I'm sure you'll find the same term used to mean different things at different institutions, so without descriptions, comparability will be hard.

I'm a full-time "Web Manager & Information Security Coordinator" (87% web in theory) responsible mostly for the technical side of the house, support for the CMS and Dreamweaver folks across campus, HTML coding of templates (designed by outsiders), reporting. some programming, supervising IT Web team.

I directly supervise one full-time "Web & Identify Management Programmer" (60% web in theory). Generally responsible for programming, more recently accessibility initiatives, etc.

I also supervise a team of student Web Technical Assistants that amounts to 40-50 hours a week of minion work. They do everything from telephone support to training to basic Web edits to CMS migrations to programming.

On campus is also a "Web Writer" in Marketing Communications that does writing, editing, CMS content approvals, video production (some student help), Social Networking (although a recast marketing associate will take that over one piece of that job soon). In theory, 100% web, but I think that's split due to MC being 2 staff down at present, and the fact other MC folks also do some Web stuff.

On campus is also an E-recruitment Adviser in undergraduate admissions whose role I don't fully understand.

We generally outsource our design needs. Sometime in the next week or so we'll have our first cross-functional Web team meeting trying to pull most of these people together.

This doesn't cover the other staff that support the learning that happens on the Web or through our LMS.
I've been using this diagram to illustrate the various roles and responsibilities of the "web team"

Let me know if you have any questions about the responsibilities of any of these positions. I'm seeing a lot more specialization as the web matures and the institutional web site becomes a strategic asset. Also, I expect you will see huge variations in FTE depending on the size of the school.


Is this an actual org chart or your vision of one? My coworkers and I are compiling web team structures, what works and what doesn't, to help us in our quest for more staff. :-)


We would add two more position-types under Content Lead: Content Writing/CMS Trainer and Web Content Editor(s).

One online support technician, one web content editor (getting a second one at beginning of 2011), one application support manager and getting a web programmer early 2011

Web designer (also edits video) - 1 FT Designs top level pages, templates, specialty items such as holiday card, promotional sites, ads, social media profile pages, helps us direct video and does some editing.

Web developer 2 FT one does top level pages, sophisticated forms, programs, action script, codes the backend of templates, maintains our video server, responsible for security of datanses we use, also runs analytics tools. Second one helps campus with needs since we don't have a CMS - can you believe it - and we maintain a few sites and help alot with other area needs. He also is responsible for our internal dept server, software updates, equipment ordering and basic desktop fixes before we call IT.

Director - 1 FT - I deal with scheduling, priorities, politics, budget and keeping us supplied with chocolate. And recently, social media guidelines and strategy,

University Northern Colo, 12,000 enrollment


My job title is Web & Digital/Academic Technologies Manager. Setting aside the academic technologies, the web responsibilities form a hybrid web development/project management/technology strategist role. I oversee a shop of one full time web developer and some student workers.

Just one guy doing most everything. My title is Webmaster.


There's another guy that works on the portal, but changes to it are so infrequent that I have no idea what his real job is.



I need a better job. :)

Well, I just got hired as the "Webmaster/Technician" for the school, which is the first web-centric, full-time, full-staff position they have ever had. Part of my time is also spent supporting the school's technology infrastructure, but I'm hoping to move that over to full-time web in the future.


Mostly I'll be responsible for everything web-centric, working with other members of Public Relations and our Network Services team. Much of my time, right now, is going to be spent pushing ahead the web redesign and "rejiggering" project and then implementing everything with Plone when the time comes. A lot of fun to come.

Always nice to hear about other schools using (or planning to use) Plone.

Shameless Plug: I'm interested in making the Plone at Higher Ed community stronger, so if you're not already involved with PloneEdu, take a peek:
Thanks Michael, I had not seen that (even though I have seen some of the articles from psu). I will definitely join up and look forward to talking with everyone.

Plone is new to me.  I would love to know how it's going for you guys.


We've been using Plone since 2005, but the sad part is that we stopped updating our software around 2006. So, we have an outdated system with many modifications that we are going to try and update to something newer and easier to manage.


Overall, however, we have been very happy with Plone and I'm looking forward to getting into Plone 4 and some of the advancements involved with that. Should be fun!



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