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Hey folks,


I've been using Google Mapmaker for a week now, and my law school's buildings are starting to show up. Given the cost of creating maps with various school locations, and the utility of Google maps, I'm very close to using Google Mapmaker for not only my campus locator map, but for the campus detail map as well. I've added buildings, but my first efforts at adding offices are still pending.


Many universities already are in Google maps, but quite a few aren't.


I'm opening this dicussion to see if the limited responses this tool had inside a discussion will be expanded if it's a new discussion.


The Google community:

The tool:


So, anyone interested in a conversation?






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One of our main issues with Google Maps is that our campus is all at one address, and they didn't show the individual buildings. Since we've started putting them in, they are showing up really quickly. Thank you for pointing this out!

The ability to have our buildings show (not to mention the sidewalks, so we can do walking directions) is a big enough change that we haven't cemented all the plans of what we are going to do with it.


Our campus is all at one address too, so as soon as I saw that this was available I started adding buildings. All of them are showing up now except for one, which is pending approval. Sometimes the approval process is a bit frustrating. 

I haven't had any luck getting any paths approved. Right now Google shows a road that isn't there, going right through our school of nursing building and I can't figure out how to edit it. I submitted it to Google as an error so I'm hoping it will disappear... someday. 


It was also a challenge in that our satellite image is from 2005 and we've built at least 4 buildings since then. I ended up buying a newer satellite photo and overlaying it to create the newer buildings. 


The one thing I am worried about, with using it as our main map is that some of the approvers and other people out there have "fixed" some things for me a few times in some very creative ways. Nothing malicious, they just didn't make sense. 


I assume it will be less of an issue when I stop adding things and drawing attention to our corner of the map. 

The approval process is a bit annoying. Correcting existing map features has been my bugaboo. Perhaps we can help each other out by reviewing each other's campus maps. Not just to approve, but to help check categories and other issues, such as polygon errors, to speed the approval process.


If interested, let me know where to look. University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law is at 3200 5th Ave., Sacramento, CA  95817.






Sure. I do have some polygon errors in mine because some of the stranger reviewers asked me to correct things in a wrong way and I just did it to get my building on the map. My thinking was that it's better to have the building show up than to be perfect, at least initially.,-77.509875&...

St. John Fisher College 3690 East Ave.,Rochester, NY 


I'll add your view to my community edits subscriptions.  


I couldn't find anything to review. Everything approved?





The other think I'm trying to wrestle with is the categories. They're weird and mostly useless. There's no category for "academic building" but there is a "ham shop" category. I ended up just adding most of our campus buildings under the category "building" because I felt like "University" or "College" were implying that the building was the entire college.  

Does category do anything beyond controlling which icon is diplayed? Or the color in the case of some boundaries, our golf course is green and our tennis courts and stadium are blue. 

What categories are other people using? 





I've got to resurrect this thread! I've just started working with Map Maker and hope to release all my draft edits soon and am happy to trade approvals with someone.... Jody, help me out?? ;) 


Mapmaker 'gotchas' and questions:

  1. Changes to a draft edit of a campus boundary can't be saved. You have to get the draft right the first time before saving it. Fortunately, that isn't the case for changes to building outlines.
  2. Any idea how to add an additional, discrete, boundary section? We have an administration building located a few blocks away but is still close enough to appear when searching the school name. In fact, it does appear now by itself with the brown boundary background but I'm afraid that updating the main boundary without somehow including it will cause it to be lost.
  3. Given multiple Google accounts, what's to stop me from approving myself?
  4. Yeah, the categories aren't great. So far, I've managed with Building, Student Housing Center and Library. I would like to see Academic Building too, along with a few others.

I totally overlooked boundaries. Thank you.


I'd like to know how to add discrete boundary sections as well.


Be happy to trade approvals as well.





1. I didn't have any issues with this because I just forged ahead wildly and published things and changed them again afterward. It took many weeks for my revised campus boundary to be accepted. When it did finally go live I didn't notice right away, I think because other folks decided to make further edits after me. 

2. I haven't figured out #2 yet. I don't think that updating the main section will get rid of your current discreet boundary though. I believe they are discreet elements in google maps already. I think I would just add it as an additional boundary, say it's not a duplicate when you try to add it, and explain what you're trying to do in the comments.

3. I thought the same thing initially, but only approved moderators can actually make your edits live. Unfortunately this doesn't mean they actually know what they're doing. I've had numerous moderators change my edits for the worse. I change them back and try to explain why in the comments and provide any supporting documentation I can find on our website. I have also found it helpful to say... "I work here and I know." because a lot of the moderators are really not even in the US. Lots of patience and persistence is required if your satellite imagery doesn't match your current campus. 

4. My personal favorite category is 'ham store' and I try to use it for everything. Ok, not really. In the end I mostly stuck with building, student housing center, and library too. 


I'm actually really excited because I finally got rid of the road going across the middle of our campus that isn't really there. It took almost a month to get that approved. I think that's because I sent it right to google rather than just deleting it myself. I'm now working to add some of the walking paths, update the roads with the accurate pedestrian and cyclist info, and add parking lots. I've done roads and paths with a combo of the satellite overlay and using my phone's gps to create kml tracks that I can use as overlays. 


I'd be happy to review and approve your edits. I'm hoping at some point if I review enough of them I might graduate to 'approved moderator'. I think additional approvals do help things get published faster. Let me know when you start publishing & I'll add your area to my alerts. 



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