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Is anyone using the product Add This? Is is social bookmarking service that can be used on your websites.

Complete info at:

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Yes, with have it tagged on all our news stories.

Yes, we are using it on our site -
Hey guys. I'm the Community Manager at Clearspring (the parent company of AddThis). If there is anything I can do to help you guys, don't hesitate to drop me a line -

John brings up a good point, Justin. Any plan for an integration with Google Analytics?
We went with Add to Any, because it had a broader list of social networking sites and integrates directly into our Google Analytics:

The other big contender is ShareThis, which has the ability to preformat for blogs.
Hi Christina,

I'm Pat from - as John pointed out, our Share/Save widget is all-inclusive. Among the other notable features is the "Smart" drop-down menu: it places the services each visitor uses first in the menu.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or special needs for Add to Any, feel free to get in touch! pat at addtoany or

Happy new year!
I noticed that the examples of sites using share buttons given in the comments here have the button mostly on the news pages but no one has one on a home page. I have a market analyst here that wants to put this button on every single page including our home page.

Is putting it on the home page tacky? What are the reasons that other people aren't doing it?
We placed a AddThis button on the homepage of We created what we're calling a social media footer that provides links to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and the like. We just added it about two weeks ago so we're still watching to see what type of responses it gets.
We are planning on using addthis on our new news site, hopefully to be released next week, but this discussion has me interested in Add to Any now, we will check it out.
We've experimented with addthis, but the thing I would caution everybody about is to measure the value of social bookmarking overall on your sites. Not just how many people are choosing to bookmark, but to which service and how much traffic that's driving back.

We did a six month trial across our whole site and looked at the stats. Aside from the fact that <100 bookmarks overall per month were generated (from 1000's of unique visitors), the majority were bookmarking to their own computers, rendering them 'un' social. The end result is we were seeing no appreciable traffic back.

Everything you add to your interface 'can' have the effect of diluting your site ....



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